Recycled Gold

Recycled Gold Jewelry at Jama Jewels

Discover the allure of Recycled Gold Jewelry at Jama Jewels - a stunning collection that marries elegance with environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability means that we primarily use recycled and re-refined gold, reducing the demand for newly mined metals and supporting responsible mining practices.

Why Recycled Metals Matter: Traditional gold mining has led to civil wars, labor abuses, and environmental devastation. By choosing recycled gold, you take a stand against destructive mining practices and promote a more ethical approach to jewelry.

Quality and Responsible Sourcing: Our recycled precious metals come from certified responsible refiners, ensuring high quality and ethical practices. Currently, 98% of our gold fine jewelry and 97% of our silver fine jewelry are made from recycled materials.

Fairmined Jewelry Collection: Explore our Limited Edition Fairmined Jewelry Collection, crafted from responsibly sourced gold by Fairmined certified vendors. Support artisanal and small-scale mining, positively impacting mining communities' social and environmental conditions.

Recycle Your Jewelry With Us: Participate in sustainability by recycling your gold and platinum jewelry. We offer store credit towards new purchases, contributing to the eco-friendly journey of precious metals.

Responsibly Sourced Tungsten, Meteorite, and Tantalum: In addition to recycled metals, we offer responsibly sourced tungsten, meteorite, and tantalum jewelry, adhering to ethical standards.

With Jama Jewels' Recycled Gold Jewelry, you embrace elegance and sustainability in one beautiful piece. Make a positive impact on the environment and mining practices while adorning yourself with timeless beauty.