Recycled Gold

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t just stop at the diamonds; even the metals that we utilize, such as gold, are recycled or re-refined in order to reduce the demand for newly mined metals and to allow us to do our part in supporting a more responsible and sustainable mining practice.

Why recycle Metal 

Traditional mining for precious metals has often been the cause of wars, environmental damage, and labor abuse. As such, by utilizing recycled metals, we choose to practice and promote a more sustainable and ethical approach to crafting jewelry.

Ethical Sourcing 

Our recycled metals are sourced from 100% certified, responsible refiners who adhere to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. To talk numbers, around 95% of our gold and around 94% of our silver consist of recycled materials.

Other Metals 

Besides gold and silver, other metals that are utilized in our jewelry, including tungsten, meteorite, and tantalum, are also sourced from sources that adhere to high ethical standards.


We continue to maintain our commitment to sustainability and quality across our manufacturing processes in order to provide our conscience customers with a choice of responsibly sourced and sustainably made jewelry that will continue to leave people stunned with their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs